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The path is never easy when instructions are not included… Knowledge is key and the rest is history!  Don’t let the Ney Sayer’s lead you to a  life of obscurity…Grab your BootStrings and Pull Hard! It’s about leverage out here in the real world…Let TourDoggSecrets give you that Leverage!

Larry Stevenson Here with TourDoggSecrets.com Welcome to my small part of the world as an Artist Tour Managing…It’s with great pleasure to introduce you and reboot your mind to the wonderful world of Artist Tour Managing. I hope you’re ready to pull those Bootstraps and Get your grind on! It’s not an easy gig…But the rewards are great…Where else can you live the life you want and have some fun in the process? Right now I’m in Thailand, not working but on Vacation…Get It???

The results are impressive when you’re capable- Find Your Path WithTourDoggSecrets!


You will be the one everyone looks to for information. Yes, you will become the information board to everyone in the group. An important part of tour managing


Learn what to do at Hotels when checking inn groups and bands. You need to know the rules are universal in order to have a smooth Check-Inn. It’s part of The Game!


The toolbox is full… Use as needed. When you run into a situation and need help, whip out your iManual and get to it..! Information at your fingertips!

Go Mobile

Keep all info in the palm of your hands. Never be without Crucial documents, backstage guest-list, etc The power of Technology is here today!

People That Have Walked The Walk… Say It here!

I heard about TourDoggSecrets from a friend of mine…She said how it had helped her when she was on tour…I thought Good let me try it…WOW!!! Man, this is the shit right here! Thanks, TourDogg for this information.

Larry Stevenson

Tour Manager

Hey, I’m living proof of the power of the TourDoggSecrets iManual..I’m living here in Laos, Cambodia…Man, this is awesome…I never knew what I was doing before TourDoggSecrets was born, Awesome! Thanks!

Lui Huiew

Production Asistance

Wow, man…What a pleasure to have your works in my possession. Its really wonderful work you have put into this iManual. I’m looking for help out here on the road…There are many aspects to this job…Thanks, TourDoggSecrets!

David Ward

Tour Asistance

Well…I’m walking the walk and talking the talk! TourDoggSecrets make’s my work easy and with confidence…This iManual really helps you achieve your goals out here on the road. Thanks! Larry Man, you are a BOSS!!!

Kathy Klockner

Tour Manager

I know you’re asking yourself, what the hell is an Artist Tour Manager? Well! As we say in the business we are the babysitters of the group.


We are the people movers from taking a group from point A to point B in a safe and timely matter. We make sure the sound-checks are ready, we make sure the guest-list is filled and sent out…

We make shit happen…That will be your job…So you will need vital information by your side at all times. I can’t go into too many details here, this is why I have a Free Sample for you to read…So you will know exactly what you’re getting yourself into…

I pull no punches in telling you, you will have your work cut out for you…..Take the time and read the Free Sample and get back with me ASAP!

P.S- No Mumbo Jumbo, No Snake Oil, Just plan good old content on how to become an Artist Tour Manager!

Lock & Load… You’re at Home!

When Moving At a Fast pace… You Need Tools!

When things are moving fast and I lose sight on what needs to happen…I’m glad I have TourDoggSecrets with me! Thanks, Larry!

I can’t believe this iManual has help me out so much….Actully what I needed out here on the road…Pure info…2.5 style! 


Reading your iManual got me out of a lot of jams…In this business, you will always have some jams to get out of…Thanks for TourDoggSecrets Larry!

No convincing, just logic to a crazy world today…If you are looking for another path for your life. Why not change it for the better? See if you have what it takes to become an Artist Tour Manager. I make no promises to you but I didn’t think I would be an Artist Tour Manger myself…Now 40 years later…Here I am writing an iManual on Tour Managing…I can’t make this stuff up!

The Keys

It’s obvious you can’t move without Keys! Keys are the fundamental building blocks to get into anything. Stay connected with TourDoggSecrets and survive



Important documents are a must with this job. TourDoggSecrets shows you what important Documents are needed…You are well-protected with TourDoggSecrets


Artist Tour Managing is a Global gig. It offers you the opportunity to travel to all points on the globe. The only thing that can stop you is you! Don’t Procrastinate!

Easy Download

TourDoggSecrets promises you an easy, fast download…No waiting on the download to start after a 5-minute delay…We assure you of a smooth transition. No More Waiting!

The Paradime Has Shifted, Where Are You?

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit TourDoggSecrets.com. It is our mission to bring you only the best in Music Production Information in the Music Industry. 

Making The Right Choice Is Essential

There are not many books on the subject of becoming a tour manager on the internet if any at all. I just hope I spark an interest and you are satisfied with the website and will consider reading our Free Sample I have provided for You.

Amazing ability to change in life will propel you into a world of the unknown. For some people, this is where you want to land when you are making changes. ToudoggSecrets is the perfect landing pillow. Welcome to your new world !

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